The Hijacking

It’s black; it’s cold, I’m falling.   I am completely weightless caught between real life and an abyss.   Suddenly I stop, I am no longer falling.   I look around and can’t believe what I am seeing.  I am back in the airport.    I still have my Home Simpson boxer shorts on, I still have my wallet and most importantly I still have my pants.


Over the airport loud speaker I hear my flight being called.   They are now beginning their pre-boarding of my flight to.  Walking towards the back of the plane I am looking the window seat on Row 23.   I find it, place my carry-on in the overheard compartment and settle in for my long flight.


We take-off without a problem.  I recline back in my seat and start to watch the in-flight movie.  The flight attendants are serving our drinks, and peanuts as I hear…. Everyone stay in yours seats, this flight has been hijacked.  

The End

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