Identity Theif

After only a few moments of agonizing suspense, a man enters the room, joined by the woman. I take a few steps toward both of them, but before I can speak, the man smiles. "You passed the test!" he says with what sounds more like personal pride than congratulations. "Wait..." I begin, and gesture at the woman, "she said that my result was just what she feared. What did that mean? Is it a bad thing that I passed?"

The woman refuses to meet my gaze; she lowers her eyes to the floor and says nothing.

“Don’t worry, we’ll come to that.” The man assures me.  He then pulls my wallet from the inside pocket of the suit coat he is wearing.  “I believe you’ll be wanting this back,” he says with a small grin.

I open the wallet and look inside. All of my cash is there, all of the coupons and gift cards I had are there.  But as I look closer, I can see my driver’s license…they changed my name.  The picture is the same, but the name is different.  Frantically, I pull out my credit cards.  All of them have the new name on them.  I jump toward the man, my previously-felt fear now mixing with anger.  “What have you done?!?” I demand.  “Why are you doing this to me?!?”

The man only smiles. “This is your prize for passing the test.” He says. “We’ve given you a new life.”

The End

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