An Ominous Result

Ms. Evensworth enters the room, holding what seems to be a timer. "So, ermm, what kind of test is this?" I ask, more timidly than I'd hoped. With that knowing, and admittedly intimidating look, she replies simply "The most important kind." Her answer gave me less clarity than her original statement procured. Though, with today's events I'm really not all that surprised. That thought prompts a worry in me, today has been rather odd. Teleportation, loosing my khakis (and my wallet, which I remember still hasn't been returned), falling from the sky, some elusive test... Oh no, maybe I've been drugged! Some hallucinogenic concoction placed in my tea, or did I even drink tea? My head is swirling around and around trying to remember dates, places, faces. I close my eyes, for just a brief moment, to clear my head and gather my thoughts. 

A noisy ringing prompts me to open my eyes. "Time is up, Sir." I stare down at my blank scantron, and with grim realization it sinks in that I slept through the second test. The most important test! I've failed it, miserably. I used to have nightmares like this back in grade school. When I look up to return to her the blank piece of paper, I realize that Tristana has been replaced by another woman, older though, with white hair pulled back into a tight bun. She glances down and the scantron and a slight frown forms out of the corners of her mouth. "It is as I feared" she mumbles, I think to herself, and she disappears into the next room and I am left alone. Or at least I thought I was alone.

The End

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