A quandary of sorts.

I looked up to determine her reaction to my conjecture and saw her nodding in silent approval.  As she opened her mouth to respond, the entire tea shoppe began dissolving around her.  I had just enough time to catch her quick smile in appreciation of my solution to her problem, before she too, was gone.  Still spinning from the intellectual analysis of a seemingly irrelevant energy company as well as my teleportation to and from the tea shoppe, I slowly began to get my bearings.  

I appeared to have arrived back in the terminal though Tristana was nowhere to be found.  I was acutely aware of a stabbing pain in my neck that could only have come from falling asleep in an airport. I quickly determined that the chairs here were only slightly more comfortable than those of the electric variety.

After a minute or so I had woken up enough to realize that all the people around me seemed unwilling to make eye contact.  My gaze slowly shifted around the room until finally I looked down and discovered the source of the controversy.  While I was sleeping, someone had stolen my pants.

The End

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