Decision and Opinions

               Even though I knew that what I said could change the entire direction of Inetec, I immediately blurted out, “Recycling center.”
                Her eyes grew bright with excitement.  “That is precisely the course of action that I, personally, wish to take!  What lead you to your decision?”
               “Well,” I began as I took a sip of my pomegranate tea, “while the recycling center will be costly, it will be better for the island in the long run.  For one, it is a permanent fix for an on-going problem.  The ships would be more of a hassle to deal with than a recycling plant and a recycling plant would be better for the environment.  I mean, think about it: would you rather have a large ship carry waste off of the island to a larger area or would you like to be able to claim that the island is extremely ‘green?’ If other corporations can be built, they can use the recycled product and boom!  You have an economy that is somewhat supporting itself with its own raw materials. Does that make sense?”

The End

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