The Reunion

As she spoke to me I struggled to put her face to a name, so as fatigued as I was my faced could hardly hide my attempt to remember her name.  "Tristana, Tristana Evensworth."  As I offered my mediocre greeting to her she sat down in front of me, and as she did so I once again smelt the wonderful fragrance of that secluded Polynesian island.  As I asked her what she was doing I couldn't help but notice that there was a small difference on  her face, she had a small scar going from her left cheek all the way to her above her right eye.  In such a public place I attempted to keep her from noticing my shift in manner after that with better success than my earlier suppression of wonderment.  I found that Tristana had been very busy since I had last spoken with her she had in fact gained the position of vice president of Inetec Corp.  Inetec was currently one of the most successful waste disposal companies operating within the United States.  She had recently been doing some research on the plans for a greener waste disposal system for a few of the Polynesian islands, and had come to the conclusion that either they would have to build on island recycling centers, which would be more costly but advantageous later, or ship off island so that the waste might not enter the sea where further harm could be done.  She then turned to me and with a sparkle on hope asked me my opinion of the course the course the company should take.  I was then struck that what I said next could very well change the course for Inetec and the world at large. 

The End

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