Terminal Lives

A traveler gets stranded for a couple days in an international airport terminal. The unforeseen delay allows for an extended period of lucid dreaming.

        As hour 28 begins, I shift somewhat stiffly in perhaps the most uncomfortable seat I have ever known. Will the ash and dust ever go away? I would more than like to be able to leave, to continue my trip home. Hotels have long been booked solid, and I am consigned to the terminal to await clearance to board and depart.

      The long flight in from Tanjao and the unexpected, now starting its second day delay has put me in a state of mind that feels like that time I was coming out from under the anesthesia after my major surgery six years ago. I see and hear people, but I can't tell whether they are real, or whether they are characters on a show on a nearby television screen. As I struggle to fully open my eyes, the people, masses of them, come into sharper focus.

     That woman walking by looks just like the CEO that led my last seminar session in Kunhao. I struggle to stand so that I can say hello, and as I rise, the the sweet fragrance of oolong tea penetrates my senses, and I find myself sitting in a sidewalk tea shoppe across from her. She is smiling, saying, "Welcome back."

The End

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