Here comes my LovelyMature

A Lover reminisces about his Love

Gliding silently into my heart

Like memories sweet enchant

 Like gurgling sounds do silently purr

As racing thoughts enticingly demur



Thoughts of present and of the past

 As gleaming pictures, off crystal masts

There she twirls in rustling chiffon

On floors of teak, her feet tap on.


Curls of hair swinging free and wild

She radiates her charming smile

Her swing and verve, her naughty ways

Her mirth, her laughter and alluring gaze.


Of beauty trapped in enthralling maze

Grace and style she regally portrays

Her moves she flaunts in foxy trots

As over the floor she taps and stomps


Her every gesture a planned endeavour

Stoking my mind and thoughts forever 

As memories tend often to rip apart

A slice of time from a brooding heart.


Flaunting again the fun and song

As, down Life’s path I amble along.

Teasing me like an artful lover

Come she won’t, I know, she’ll never!

The End

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