Her Valentines’ Day


She opened the door to her apartment. She saw white candles lining the whole room. On the floor were rose petals making a path to the bathroom. She put her coat and bag in the closet. She could hear the water running from the bathroom. She saw the bath had pieces of peach quarters and rose petals floating in the water. The bathroom had so many candles in it that she didn't even need to turn on the light to see. She walked over and turned off the water to the bath. She went to her room to remove her clothing to find rose petals all over her bed and a vase of origami roses and lilies sitting in the middle of her bed with a note. She walked over to the flowers and could smell them. She smiled, you though of everything. She picked up the note and began to read it,

                   Hey babe,

In the fridge there is some champagne for you while you’re taking your bath. I just want to you have a relaxing night. Don't worry about anything tonight.

I’m sorry that I can't be with you tonight. I wish I could hold you tightly in my arms and make you feel safe. I'm sorry that it's taking me so long to find you. Don't give up on me, I know it's hard not to but I'm looking for you and I will find you. I don't know when but I will find you some day. I will always love you weather I know it or not.

                                    Your future (kiss)

The tears began to well up in her eyes; she put on her robe and went to get the champagne and glass. She headed to the room and slid into the nice hot water and began to sip on her champagne. She closed her eyes and drifted into a dream. This was a good Valentines’ Day she though.


Her first time coming home...

She walked in the door of her apartment, place her coat, and bag near the door. She walked toward the bathroom lighting the candles on her way back the hall. She lit the candles in the bathroom and began to run the bathwater. She poured in 2 capfuls of bath oils and placed in the water rose petals and pieces of peaches quarters. She grabbed the rest of the rose petals and began to scatter them on the floor leading out to the front door. She picked up her coat and bag and left her apartment and went to get her mail.


The End

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