His Capricious CaptiveMature

A hand moved against the mirror's edge, pulling mine with it. Helplessly, I watched from the mirror. Everything she did, I was forced to imitate. I was a reflection, of image and reputation. What had been mine became ours, and then became hers. No longer was anything mine.

"It wouldn't hurt to ask him why, Viola!" I shrieked.

"We already asked him one question. And unlike you, I know why he said what he said, V. He's too young, too fickle. Just a boy. That's why I've been encouraging this man's courtship."

"Just give Kyle the benefit of the doubt," I pleaded, "and leave this place for now. For me. For us."

She turned to face me, and removed her hand from the mirror's surface. "And lose all this? Never!" Arms out, she spun around, reveling in the grandeur of the room as if she owned it.

Every ray of light that reflected her was a puppet string. I hated it.

It was a bedroom. The window was large and high off the ground. There was a leather sofa and an ornate armoire. The bed was queen-sized, with silk sheets and a gaudy comforter that looked more like an antique rug than anything else.

There was just one, single, plump pillow. I looked at it, and I could picture it dividing like an amoeba. Like we had. It wouldn't be long before he was in her bed.

Her bed. Not mine. Not ours. I would never have any control over who was in it. Her inhibitions were not my own. And I don't fancy the man who owns this building.

She caught me looking at the pillow, and eclipsed my view with a cold, silent stare.

I looked away. And then many moments passed before I looked up, only to be caught again in my own impenetrable gaze. I was beginning to tremble. And so was she.

Then came his voice from afar, "Viola!"

He was calling her and not me. In anger, I broke free from the rays of light that bound me to her, and I ran toward the mirror. Yet she fled, out into the hall.

"Damn him!" I screamed, sobbing, lunging. Despair. Self-loathing. I punched the mirror, as I faded.

It cracked. A single chip fell upon the dresser under the mirror. And it bled my blood.

The End

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