The Begginning

Her name was Annaleigh Smith, when she was a kid she lived in a trailer with the floor rotting beneath her very feet, the cabinets she could not reach yet were just for decoration there was no food in them. The fridge always broke down, not that there was anything in there that she could eat. When it worked it was full with beer and quickly emptied by her parents who sat on rusted fold out chairs they stole from the trailer park over while Annaleigh just sat on the rotting floor flicking beer caps for fun.

            Whenever she heard her Aunt Carol pull up to the front she jumped for joy, she loved her aunt. Aunt Carol didn’t live in a trailer she lived in a large house with windows that looked out to a creek, three bathrooms, four bedrooms one of which wasn’t used and a kitchen that was filled with food. Every time she saw Aunt Carol she begged to stay over her house but was always denied by her mother.

            Aunt Carol was the District Attorney, she loved her sister Lisa which is why she hadn’t taken Annaleigh away. She gave Lisa money every week for food but when she checked on that poor little girl in that hell hole she looked starving and her parents always just sat on the rusted chairs drinking what they blew her money on. The last time she saw Lisa they had a fight, Carol was trying to convince her to go to rehab or she was going to take Annaleigh away. But instead it led to Carol almost losing her job; she was accused of beating up her sister and couldn’t go within a hundred feet of her.

            Carol was great at her job so the accusation lowered her credibility and won her many meetings with a counselor. Carol still went to see Annaleigh any chance she could, mainly when Lisa left her home alone to buy more beer.

Then came the law suit, Lisa slipped on freshly mopped mall floor with no sign, she cracked her head and slit an artery on the escalator. She received close to ¾ of a million dollars. Lisa and her small dysfunctional family left the crappy trailer and moved into a small house in a less but still crappy neighborhood. But Annaleigh was happy she could finally have a bed though she would have settled for the carpeted floor.

            Annaleigh grew up like she was still in that terrible trailer, yes she had a bed and a room and a toy, that’s the most she's ever had and she was happy about that but her parents drank even more and more importantly she was afraid for her life. This is where her story starts.


The End

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