The Lessons BeginMature

"Honestly Florian, I thought you would have showed a little more displeasure to this!" Alexis scowled at her husband, as examined a hole near the bullseye of one of the targets.

"Honestly, my dear, I don't give a damn." It sounded odd, coming from him, with his husky, accented voice, but it made Aimee-Lee giggle, despite being in trouble with her mother, who gave her a wary look. Forian turned to his daughter, and knelt, his hands on her shoulders.

"Vhy did you take your brother's gun, child?" He asked, quite softly. She raised her eyes to look into his, and found no anger, but a slight gleam.

"I wanted to shoot something, Papa Flo. I didn't want to ask you or Mama, but I really want to shoot." She told him truthfully. He gave her a smile, his eyes crinkling.

"Very vell. I will teach you to shoot. After all, this vas a very good shot!" he chuckled, rubbing the mark. Alexis scowled at them both.

"I'm sure you were the one who wanted to keep her away from your work, not dragging her into it." She growled softly.

"Lexi, she vants to shoot, and I will teach her. She can have her shooting lessons along with her other lessons, da, Aims?" He asked, calling her by the pet name he only called her when he was reading to her. She smiled brightly at him.

"Da, Papa Flo. Thank you!" She hugged her papa, who smiled at the two brothers, who were coming over to inspect the handy-work of their little sister, and her midnight escapade.

The End

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