Beginning to GrowMature

Alexis watched the child out of the corner of her eyes, as she step, quite gracefully, along the thin wall, her arms out to the side, keeping her balance. 

The child, now seven years old, hummed to herself, staring at her feet as she went along the wall. Her brows were knitted together in concentration, or as much concentration a seven year old child could have. With light blond hair, and translucent  eyebrows, the girl had a slightly rounded face, that would most likely thin out through the years.

Clad in a long-sleeved white top, and blue jeans, with pink flowers on the pockets, and little pink shoes on her feet, she looked like any regular little girl. With twinkling brown eyes, turned completely from the soft blue they had first seen her with, her little smile warmed Alexis' heart. 

The girl had gained the name Aimee-Lee Thorn, given, in the end, by her 'father'. He had tried to name the child male names, and had been a little disappointed upon finding she was a female, but had warmed to the idea of having a girl. After all, he did have two other 'sons'. He had tried to name the girl foreign names, but Alexis had looked at him sternly, insisting that this child have a relatively normal name.

"Mama, can we buy some bon-bons? It's Satarday." The girl asked, jumping down from the wall, with a stumble. 

Alexis smiled. This child was so innocent.

"Yes, we can." 

"Papa Flo likes the strawberry ones. Can we get those, today?" 

Alexis gave a little snort. The girl loved her 'Papa Flo'. He wasn't the sort of father who would dote on her, but he would buy a book, once a month, and read it to her. She would listen contently, asking what certain words meant; the books were those he himself would read, but she seemed to enjoy.

The girl could read, they had private tutors come in for her and the two older children, Vaurien and Masque, and even let the girl part-take in dance lessons, cooking and sewing, along with the others. 

After buying the bon-bons, they returned home. The girl sat at her window, and watched her brothers outside, aiming their guns, and shooting targets. That was one of the only things she was scared to ask her parents for - shooting practice.

The End

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