In The MarketMature

When the Black Market has been found out, and torn apart by the police, they didn't realize that the last hurried deal made was for a human child.

The mutters and mumbles of street dealers filled the dim hall, along with the pungent smell of candle wax, paint, lies and hustling. Forgeries were sold, grubby money exchanged hands, and the greedy glints of those who were making hundreds for nothing.

Several undercover officers watched in disgust, as people threw money at each other so recklessly, for such crude things. Whores leered at the men who went past, flashing them smiles, or trying to lure them over, with blood-red painted nails. 

In the corner, there was a transaction underway. A child, snoozing in the arms of one of the filth-covered dealers, was being fought over quietly. A pair of cold eyed men were now arguing with a tall foreign gentlemen, and someone who appeared to be his wife.

The dealer tried to calm them, but was panicked himself when a gunshot went off, and the shouts of police officers all through the place. Buyers scampered, while dealers tried to collect up their goods clumsily. 

The dealer holding the child snatched the money from the foreigners hand, before thrusting the crying child at them.

"Take it." He snarled, before scrambling away, into the dark, like the rat he was. The woman jogged behind her companion, getting out, while the police were catching the dealers. 

"I hate those places." The woman gasped softly, once she had climbed into a black car, beside the foreigner.

"Da. Horrible creatures, aren't they?" He was fluent in English, but his thick accent came through. His brown hair, scraped back against his head made his light blue eyes stand out even further. 

The woman nodded, bringing the child closer. Her green eyes softened. A girl? She had never had a girl before. Did he know? She wasn't sure, but she smiled at the young one, dressed in an over-sized t-shirt and a pair of shorts, tightened as far as they could go.

As they drove away, the woman thought of names for the child. None came to mind, as her body shook softly from the adrenaline, but she was sure it would come to her.

The End

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