Chapter 57

Alezander stared into the mouth of the fire, thinking about the day that had come to pass him.

He was confused beyond any comprehension. Never had he been so....bewildered. Either he was told what was right and wrong, or he had known it so strongly inside himself there was no disputing it. All his life his father had trained him to think as a King, had molded him into the Prince he was. And most recently that resolute side of him dying for independence to think on his own had broken free in the form of his love for Raena.

Which lead him to pondering whether his emotion for Raena was love at all, at least when he at first began to chase her. Was it childlike defiance searching for an outlet, and Raena offered him an oppportunity to satisfy his hunger to break the rules. He knew now that, as he left her, in the end, he did in fact love her, and what a fool he was for doing so and making her fall for him in the process.  But, even as he was thinking now, he was confused at himself and his feelings.

Cassandra herself baffled him. Who was she, and how, in the end, was he to feel about her? There was that one moment in the garden, which he thought he saw more of her then he had ever seen before, when they both seemed to forget their responsibilities and restrictions as royalty and almost became carefree children. What was that about? In the end, would he actually love the woman chosen for him?

He couldn't. His heart unquestionably belonged to Raena.

But it couldn't belong to Raena.

Oh, how much he loved her, and hated himself for loving her as he did.

He felt like screaming out of frustration. He ran his hands through his hair, resisting the urge to tear it out.


He woke from a hard night of sleep, realizing there was nothing confusing about it, really. He was to marry Cassandra and become King of Navarn, as was always planned for him. Raena was never in the plan and never would be.

His future, Cassandra's future, was surer than anything else.

The End

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