Chapter 56

Cassandra crawled into her covers, thinking about the day that had come to pass her. It seemed she learned a little more about this man she had wondered over for so many of the previous years. She could hardly believe that this day wasn't a product of her imagination, as her mind had creatively come up with similar such situations earlier.

There was still something mysterious about him, as if he was still hesistant about uncovering who he really was. Though, she came off likely in the same fashion. Like any relationship, familiarity with one another would come with time. Still, it made her anxious, for with time she would discover if she would really like him or not.

She stared into the obscurity of the ceiling above her head. The realization that she had fallen into settling came upon her, as it had several times before. She was settling for whatever was handed to her, though she could do nothing else but settle for what was given. She had no choice. The reminder of that depressed her, even if she felt slightly satisfied by what she learned of Prince Alezander and her future that day.

It was a while before she drifted into slumber, feeling lonely and helpless. Her dreams were an odd mixture of the days events, memories of the past, and nightmares for the future. For some reason, the brief conversation she had shared with the exotic Prince Hadderi weeks ago came across her mind when he mentioned magic that she pocessed. When she woke the next morning, she couldn't help wondering if she had this magic that he mentioned, and if she could use it to break free.

She was being ridiculous. Persons of such culture lived among legend and their made-up myths, snake-charmers and creatures trained to dance.

A tear came to her eye. She was a fool to believe in childhood fairytales, unusual princes and their stories of magic, and tales of true love. She was to face adulthood and the reality set out for her.

The End

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