Chapter 55

" nothing more? That is it?"

Cassandra averted her eyes, thoughgtfully pausing for a moment. Glancing back to Marie's searching gaze, she shrugged, "I belive so."

The elder princess laughed lightly, laying back on the pillows stacked behind her, "You can be so incredibly boring sometimes."

Cassandra blinked, slightly taken aback, "I hope he did not find me that way."

"You need to have fun! Be flirtacious, be interesting--you have nothing to lose, he is already yours!" smiled Marie, playing with her curls lazily.

She was silent, adusting her seat upon Marie's bedspread. Marie did not understand--she did not understand her. And why was she so curious about her all of a sudden anyways? It was likely because she wanted to hear the latest in gossip directly fresh from Cassandra's tongue.

"You should get some sleep--and I should as well. I am quite tired. I must prepare for my long journey," Marie said, exasperated, as if she was now exhausted from having to listening to her younger sibling.

"Journey? Are you leaving already?"

"Oh, you are so caught up in yourself--you could give a care that your sister is departing!" Marie snuggled more deeply within her luscious silken covers and mounds of pillows. "I am leaving within the fortnight."

Cassandra nodded,  "I am sure it will be an interesting journey. You will get to see much of the world."

"Hum," she shrugged. "I am mainly curious to see this wondrous Palace that he keeps telling me of." Her eyes drooped closed, a contented smile settling on her lips,  "From the sound of it, I will be one of those exotic gypsy princesses that you read about in fairybooks, bathing on the beaches and draped in gold."

Cassandra gazed over Marie, gracefully sprawled in her scene of perfection, beaming softly in the gentle glimmer of candlelight. Her sister was certainly different from her.

"Good night, Marie," Cassandra slowly stood from the bed, the older Princess already deep in sleep...or pretending not to hear her.

The End

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