Chapter 54


Raena paced back and forth, lingering in the dusty shadows of her chambers; curtains drawn to block away the sun.

Her hand clasped her chest, as if trying to hold in her racing, panicked heart as it beat rapidly against her ribs. It felt like it was going to burst forth in a great attack.


Could it be true?

It was and she knew it.

She fell against the wall, allowing herself to slide down to the floor in defeat. Her skirts pooled around her in a mass of dark crimson silk, as if she was swimming, drowning, in her own blood. She covered her eyes, masked her face, tears staining her palms. Sobs shook her, rattled her and made her shiver uncontrollably as she hugged herself in this cold, cruel world.


How had she allowed it to happen?


And what would she do?

The End

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