Chapter 51

Cassandra couldn't help the rapid beating of her heart, a soft fluttering thudding briskly against her rib cage. It was the first instance they were left to their own devices, to one another's private company. Yet, it was truly not so private, hidden eyes watching from every corner, faces crammed into the tower windows that overlooked the garden in an attempt to capture a glance of the royal couple strolling along the romantic flower paths.

She was most certainly afraid of the awkward pauses which so often seemed to rise between them. It seemed they had shared so much correspondence, so many letters, over the past years it would appear they would know one another considerably well and conversation would come freely. Both as royalty, trained conversation would likely come easily as well. Cassandra realized that neither of them really shared much of themselves in the letter, at the same time it being simpler to express oneself in a letter rather in conversation. She was mainly fearful of making a wretched mistake and insulting the man who was to be her husband.

They had linked arms as they had entered the refreshing, cool air, serene breezes filled with the gentle aroma of various colorful blooms. Cassandra swallowed past a lump in her throat as she recalled the memories of the many walks that Giddeon had taken with her.

"What a beautiful day," commented Cassandra, though she feared it came out of her lips slightly stiff and formal.

"Lovely," the Prince remarked, his eyes wandering over the different flowers, the garden itself prepared to perfection for this very moment. The thought of all the stolls he took with Lady Raena came to his mind, and angrily he brushed them aside.

Each one could imagine someone else could be walking at their arm.

The Princess took the opportunity, in such proximity to Alezander, to study his face further, a face she would no doubt know very well someday. He was incredibly striking, a strong, firm expression fit to be king one day. He appeared slightly older than she anticipated, and as he felt her eyes on him, he turned his own upon her. She felt their cool, dark depths could stare right through her, filled with such power and intelligence.

She turned away, wishing she had something to occupy herself with. While there was no conversation, she had to turn her eyes somewhere other then his face, resolving to let her eyes wander the weaving path ahead.  

"You live in a very beautiful place, Princess," offered Alezander.  As he was closer to her, he realized how spectacular she was. The sunrays caught her gentle locks, each one beamed gold, her skin glowing a rich, fair color, and her eyes glinting like jewels.

"Thank you, Your Majesty," Cassandra said graciously, returning her eyes to his. Silence only dropped between them once more.

Alezander glanced about him, turning his gaze to the palace behind them. He caught some eyes, the shape of faces, which quickly disappeared as they saw him looking to them. "Can we ever escape the audiences? Don't they have better things to do? Other things to talk about?" muttered the Prince, irritated, unaware that he said such a thing aloud.

The Princess laughed lightly, a lovely melodious sound. Her eyes lit up in the most pretty of ways, smiling themselves. He couldn't help himself from grinning.

"They have nothing better to do," said Cassandra as they continued walking. She paused, looking to his face, mischief sparkling in her eyes. "Here, I know a place where no prying eyes can watch."

"Alright," he chuckled, feeling something like an adventurous young boy again as she offered her hand. She colored sweetly as he placed his palm against hers, before turning her face away from his and guiding him in an opposite direction down the sweeping turns between the flower beds.

The End

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