Chapter 49

She couldn't keep from thinking the moment over and over. She could only see his face in the darkness, or hear his name, his voice, in the silence.

She found sleep hard to come by. That day she had glimpsed into her future, or what it ought to be at first glance.  The day was the first of many she would spend in his presense, eventually as his wife and his Queen.

Cassandra worked in vain to chisel at the Prince's stony, mannerly facade, yet it was only the first day. He would only speak words of courtesy to her, but it was only to be expected. At this point, she would know nothing of him beneath his customary words and gestures, as much as she desired to know now. It would come with time. And she was anxious for what that time would reveal.

She at least found a satisfaction at her initial observation. He was particularly handsome and good-looking, beyond her the skeptical, almost nightmarish, thoughts she had before hand.

Though, in the end, she would take a warm heart over a striking face any day.

The Princess closed her eyes, her stomach still churning as it had all day. She couldn't believe that such was her fate, no matter what this man turned out to be, and that she was looking to the bright side, wishing for the best.

Yet it was all Cassandra could do. Wish for the best.

The End

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