Chapter 44

"Princess....Your Highness...m'lady....Princess you must simply get up!"

Cassandra lurched from her sleep, instantly feeling the strain on her neck, her whole hand and arm numb from holding up her chin all night. Her legs felt similarly caught in slumber, her bottom sore. She rubbed her eyes, staring into the face of one of the maiden servants, desperately trying to shake her awake in the most gentle of manners. Cassandra realized she was resting in the same place she had fallen asleep at the window, her face almost pressed to the cool surface of the glass. Outside, the world was bland, a soft drizzle casting a veil over all, everything below in a state of unpleasant muck.

She attempted to stretch out her tightened limbs, unable to turn her neck in a certain way. "P-Princess, I am sorry, but you must get ready," the girl said urgently.

"Hum? Ready for what?" grumbled Cassandra.

"Princess, Prince Alezander has arrived."

The End

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