Chapter 41

He never came.

For the longest while, they simply waited. They could not hold the ball without the Prince, could they? The prepared banquet was chilling, the orchestra mumbled complaints, and the guests themselves were coming irritatable as the night drew later and later. Finally the King, quite irritatable himself to be keep waiting, decided upon opening the ball, and if Alezander would arrive in the midst of it, that was how it would be.

Yet as the party went on, still there was no sign of the Navarn Prince. Jermayn did his best to make excuses for his Prince when he was called to speak for the king, yet he knew nothing himself. Rain began to pound on the palace, thunder shaking the building and making all the glass ornament shimmer dangerously, as the time closed on midnight.

The celebrating crowd, waiting in heavy anticipation, was dispersed after the ball was complete, in fear that the rain may make severe mud that they may not escape from with their carriages. For fear the storm may too progress, the local guests departed to their homes, and the visitors, their feet tired of dancing and heads aching from music, retired to bed.

Cassandra found herself sitting on the throne the entire time, simply watching the door. After all the anticipation, she was deflated. He would never arrive, it seemed.

Her mother finally, after the Hall was emptied, bid her to go to her own room, undress, and sleep. The Princess wordlessly accepted her mother's request and found her way to her chambers, where the handmaids helped her unclothe silently. Dismissing them, Cassandra climbed in bed, and despite her extraordinarily weary head, her heavy eyes, she could not find sleep. 

Restless, Cassandra stood from her bed and sat herself at the window, staring out into the rain until slumber finally took her over.

The End

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