Chapter 39

"Are you packed, Marie?"

"Oh, do not worry about it, Cassandra. I am not leaving until after your ball, not until after I see this Alezander for myself," she giggled. "I hear he is very handsome."

"Oh, quiet," laughed Cassandra, unable to prevent herself from blushing deeply. "You are already married."

Marie Diana pulled at her hand, guiding her in the direction of the wide Grand Hall. All around, men with great objects and materials, women with fabrics and many sorts of things in their arms scuttled all around, dashing to move out of the two Princess' way.

"Cassie, you must simply see. It will be the most beautiful party ever. All for you, all for Alezander," grinned Marie, glancing backwards to her younger half-sibling. "I hate you for it--I am so jealous!"

She smiled in return. Her nerves were building with every mention of this spectacular party, and the one she was to meet during it.

"Now, close your eyes," Marie stopped her. "Are they closed?"


"Are you not peaking?" she inquired again.

Cassandra genuinely giggled. She felt like a little girl awaiting her wonderful surprise. "No,"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes!" laughed the youngest Princess insistantly.

"Alright, come on. Slowly now." For a moment, there was silence, Cassandra following the older princess obediently. "Okay, you can open your eyes."

Night had fallen, the windows tall, dark silouettes. They were gowned in the most beautiful silver hued blue was one of the fabrics the seamstresses had choosen to make her own grand birthday gown. Now looking, there was the same fabric in many different places, the room still part ways done. The floors were being polished so that one could see their reflection, and the reflection of the ceiling, twinkling with chandeliers decked in silver and jewels like starlight. The walls were in the proccess of being covering with wide slabs of mirror, also being ribbed in glittering silver pillars, delicate and formed into the shape of trees with drops of shimmering stones hanging like winter's frost or dawn's dewdrops on every little branch. There were men on huge make-shift structures, hanging a million little diamonds, placing candles, laterns--a tedious, minute task that would cover the whole room.

"Amazing," breathed Cassandra.

Marie smiled. "Indeed it is. The scaffolding will be gone, there will be jewels, mirrors, everywhere. The people shall enter, and it shall look as if a million people are dancing in this silver winter's forest. Prince Alezander shall find it all quite stunning, do you not think?"

"Hmm," she answered, mesmorized as she imagined the beauty of what it would be, all the candle lit. It was a place from dreams, a fantasy....

"It is the land of stars, or how I would imagine it,"  Marie murmured. "And you will be its reining Queen, the Star of stars."

The End

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