Chapter 38

The next months were months of celebration, despite the fouling of the weather as it turned to winter. It was a time of weddings, with the marriages of both Princess Heira to her betrothed, Duke Emmit, and Princess Marie Diana to the Prince of Aberdan, and all the balls that came with it.

Cassandra could not help but notice how Heira appreared visually upset with how all where enthralled with Marie and her upcoming marriage, placed just after the wedding Heira had been planning and anticipating all year. The elder Princess was obviously as envious as the other sisters' with Marie's beauty and popularity, but she appeared particularly furious that in "the moment of her life", everyone was thinking of Marie's wedding. Heira made sarcastic remarks when Marie's back was turned or she was not present; the rest of the family well understood how Heira was feeling yet no one acknowelged with with a reply or remark of their own.

It was a time when, the flurry of business, Cassandra was lost in the chatter and anticipation, the parties and celebrations. It did not matter that much anyways; she had no inclination to take a main role in this. Still, she felt scarred and embittered from Giddeon, yet accepting that it was probably best he was not in love with her and that she told herself that she did not love him any longer, firmly resolving that she would follow her fate with Alezander, since it was the only thing to do.

Cassandra herself felt envious of her sisters. Their suitors were approved by their parents, but not chosen by them. The other girls at least felt a little inclination of love and warmth for them in their hearts before marrying them. How unfair was it for her? Why her? Why must she be sold away? Why not Marie? Or Lara?

Her months passed with an attitude similar to the cool, melancholy atmosphere developing outdoors, the days slugging by slow and grey. Queen Elitha was anxious over her daughter, yet when she approached Cassandra in private and inquired over her, Cassandra would deny anything and virtually say nothing.

The Queen could not help wondering if Cassandra had really loved the Duke of Lycroft. The girl was sad. If not sad over Sir Giddeon, she was sad for the forced fate she was following. The thought created an agony deep in her heart more painful than any.

The End

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