Chapter 36

"That completes your lesson, Princess," Edwina nodded curtly to her student, who ceremoniously thanked her, curtsied and turned to leave the room. After a pause, the governess stopped Cassandra by sighing and continuing, "I suppose you have wondered the past months how it could be that I trained both you and the Duke of Lycroft."

Cassandra swallowed, returning her eyes back towards her governess. It had been months in itself since he had left, and had only heard of him with the slight mention in Alezander's most recent letter. Deep within her, there still bittered feelings lingering there. "I suppose so," murmured the Princess. "It has been a while since he has departed, why do you bring it up now?"

"It is because I know you are curious," Lady Edwina smiled slightly. She beckoned back towards the chair in which the Princess had formerly sat. "If you have a moment, you may sit. This is not considered a lesson, so do not worry."

She nodded slowly, steadily returning to her seat and arranging her skirt so that she could properly palce herself upon it. 

Edwina relaxed back against her chair for a brief time, "You must also wonder why you do not share your sister's Duchess Emerlia, who descends from a line of Aedryn Royal Governesses."

"On occasions. You are obviously from Navarn, as that is where...the Duke of Lycroft originates," answered Cassandra cautiously.

"And then, why do you believe I am here?"

Cassandra looked to her curiously; wasn't she here so that Edwina could explain it to her? But, despite her own thoughts, she replied, "Well, I am to live in Navarn one day...,"

"You are not simply to live in Navarn, my dear, you shall rule it," Lady Edwina corrected her.

"Um...yes. Of course," said the Princess, uncertain. "Were you...sent here, then? Employed by my Father to train me in your ways?"

The governess grinned mildly, though did not give to much of herself away. A glimmer of pride fluttered at her heart--of course, the girl wasn't stupid, she was clever and Edwina herself had trained her! Shaking her own thoughts Edwina said smoothly, "I was sent in an agreement by both King Howard and King Alezander, though I was choosen by Alezander. Giddeon is third in line for the Crown, and must be trained for such  a station, and, at the time of my appointment as your governess, I was his governess. He would not need me much longer anyways; he was soon to graduate to a male Professor to teach him the employments needed in the chance that both Princes Alezander and Daniel were unable to rule without heirs. He is similarly trained as Prince Daniel, the younger of the Princes, in case he is to become King.

"Anyways, I came here to train you as a proper Navarn Queen, so that you may be respected as one. In the upcoming years, we will start to elarborate on the particulars of Navarn Court in preparation for you arrival, wedding, and Crowning there," Lady Edwina finished. "You will hold one of the most important positions in Court and Country, and so thus I must teach you to fill in that title properly."

"Hmm," nodded Cassandra. There was nothing surprising about this; it made perfect sense. She had almost guessed half of it.

Edwina smiled slightly, reaching across the table to put her hand over Cassandra's, which lay on the surface. "You shall be a beautiful, amazing Queen. I know it," murmured the governess sentimentally.

"Thank you," the Princess said, both surprised and touched by her governess' sudden softness.


Cassandra spread herself over her bayseat window. She was almost pressed to the pane so that she could very nearly feel the raindrops falling outdoors, making an array of silver rivers and patterns on the glass. Flipping to the next page, her eyes turned to the next piece of poetry.

In my mirror-reflection, I see naught,

of myself, my former person,

broken by what I saught,

I searched for love in vain,

never shall I be the same,

The dream image is shattered,

Two hearts, become one, become two once more,

my own....


She lurched from her seat, abruptly glancing towards Marie, who rushed inside the youngest Princess' chambers.


She appeared incredily flustered, filled with extraordinary excitement. "Oh, Cass! I simply must tell you now--there shall be a ball tomorrow, a ball announcing my engagement!"



The End

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