Chapter 34

"I present to you, Crown Prince, Princess Cassandra of Aedryn," Falin took hold of the silken drape cast over the large painting, which had taken him almost all of his focus and concentration the past days. Beaming with pride, the head painter of the Navarian court yanked the cloth away and cast it on the floor, revealing the decpiction of the young Princess.

It was among Falin's favorites, the subject being so affable and delicately lovely in appearance. No, she was not the regular princess, it appeared. For one so young, she looked womanly in looks and mind, yet there was a certain clever playfulness, lively young-ness about her that he attempted to capture, in which he believed he did. There was something beautifully wild about the way one luscious curl rested against her long, elegant neck.

He was so incredibly happy with how he placed her so perfectly, seated at that wide window almost larger then herself, opening to a world, a garden of perfection. One in which she seemed to reign over in her sweeping silken gown of pale green, the one he picked himself just simply for both its striking color and ability to accent both her and her backround, especially accenting the color it made her eyes. The book on her lap and the flowers in her hand where such minor details, yet, for Falin, it made the portrait, expressed how the Princess seemed to him. All through the tireless hours of sitting, he had heard the conversations she shared, mainly with the Duke, but with others who had dropped by as well, and he had gleaned a look into her bashful, quiet voice, her gentle, sweet  nature.

Falin then turned his eyes to the royal family seated before him, observing the picture, all around, everyone of the Court looking on in silent rapture. The eldest Prince stood from his throne to move forward, looking instensly at the expression of his betrothed, the first glance of the one to be his wife. 

"It is a wonderful painting, Falin. You are incredibly talented." Alezander turned his eyes briefly from the Princess' face to the artist.

"Thank you, Sire," Falin bowed slightly, grinning. "She was a most amazing subject to work upon. I hoped to capture her simple, elegant, yet whimsical character."

"You did very well," murmured the Prince, his gaze lingering on the portrait.

The End

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