Chapter 24

"Good night, Love," Alezander brushed his lips over Raena's, just before she shut the door, closing him off from her.

Her handmaid, Beatricia, looked up from tending the fire, soft flames licking about the few logs and casting a golden ambiance in her chambers shadowed with night.
Beatricia stood, brushing a bit of soot off her skirt. "Would you like your nightdress, Miss?"

"Yes, please," murmured Raena, still caught in that moment minutes before. The handmaid began to undo the back of her mistress' gown, helping her slip her arms out of the sleeves and step out from the pile of skirts which gathered around her ankles. The two women were silent as Beatricia offered the gown and put it over Raena's head.

"Anything else, Miss?"

"No. Thank you, Beatricia,"

Curtsying deeply, Beatricia scattered from the bedchamber, shutting the door gently behind her. Raena sighed, climbing into her bed, beneath her fresh, clean covers, soft as they enveloped her limbs. As tired as she felt, she could not find slumber easy, staring at the ceiling above, watching the shape of the fire reflecting on the ceiling.

What was happening? She was falling for a man already belonging to someone else, and he for her. She could not deny she felt something for the Prince; she loved being in his presence, hanging on his arm, dancing with him.

She had encountered such sadness in her short life. Was she ready for another heartbreak? A scandal? If she let their affair of sorts get to far, it could be disasterous for her. 

No. She was not ready for another heartbreak. The scars that her husband left still pained her, it still hurt when she thought of him. Alezander had helped her forget him, helped her to heal her wounds. But it would only end in her heart being torn worse then ever. He was to marry another. They would never be happy together.

A tear slid down her cheek, landing on her pillow.

Why did she stay? Was she stupid? She could leave. But she didn't want to. Her senibility, her common-sense, her head, and her heart were in two different places.

The tears came faster now. There was no use trying to stop them.

They would never be happy together.

She rolled onto her stomach, hiding her face in cover of the pillow. Sobs shook her and tears soaked her cheeks and the pillowcase.

There would never be a happy ending for them. Would there ever be a happy ever for her?


The End

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