Chapter 20


Dear Prince Alezander,

I was very happy to read that everyone is well. The weather sounds extraordinary, as it is here, yet varying slightly. I would enjoy to see the gardens you describe, the flowers I have not yet seen in this part of the continent which bloom there.

Court is as normal. As you must understand, time passes there slower then anywhere else in the world! Fortunately I am able to escape it earlier then my mother, and I escape to ride Nakatara, who I took about the grounds today with the Duke, Sir Giddeon as he rode upon his own magnificent horse. He told me just the other day that you helped him to find the stallion as a colt and assist in the training of him.

Speaking of the Duke, he is an enjoyable man and tells me much about you and your home of Navarn. He is one to share good conversation with and I find myself delighting in his company. I like his visits very much.

I apologize for the brevity of today’s letter, I am under the urging of lessons by my Mistress and then various other duties which require my attendance. My continued desires for all’s good health and happiness,

Princess Cassandra of Aedryn


Dear Alezander,

Some time has passed since my departure, and I thought that I may check in on you, make sure you aren’t up to much mischief. Ha! Isn’t it the other way, usually? Hasn’t it always been you keeping an eye on me?

Anyways, tell me all of what is going on there. I am sure everything exciting is ongoing, as it only does when I am away! Here, all seems well. Although nothing extreme has occurred, I am well entertained and well-fed, over-all content. Much of my time is spent with your Princess; almost everyday I see her at least once. You will be happy to hear she grows lovelier by day, and I myself enjoy spending time in her company. I believe she has befriended me in a way.

There is an upcoming ball--the reason it is being held I forget. Does it matter? A party is thrown for no reason in particular, or the most minute of them. Sometimes it can be so ridiculous. Yet I shall ‘accept’ it happily, as you well know, I enjoy a good celebration, for any reason. Of course I will dance with your pretty little bride, but there will be so many handsome young ladies there, I am sure I will have a superb time. Ha!

My sincerest wishes,

Sir Giddeon, Duke of Lycroft, Navarn

The End

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