Chapter 19

Nara watched with a skeptical eye as her brother lightly kissed the Lady's hand, turning a gallant smile upon her. She took the Lady's own hand herself afterwards, politely continuing, "It was lovely to meet you, Lady Raena. We give our condolences for your poor husband, and surely we hope your time at court will be enjoyable."

"Thank you, Princess," replied Raena smoothly, giving a shallow curtsy. "You both are welcome to visit my chambers any time you like."

"And if you require anything, do not hestitate to inquire," Alezander offered.

"Once again, your family as my thanks,"

Nara discerned a brief, dissatisfied grimace, a slight disappointment in her brother's contenance. He had been overly-kind to this woman, he had tried exceedingly to please her and had only received her curt, expressionless responses. In a way, Nara was pleased with Raena's ability to wall him off, but was anxious over her brother's behavior.

They exchanged final words before Alezander took his sister's arm and they walked from the Lady's commonroom in her chamber and into the hall. As the door closed behind them, Alezander began thoughtfully, "She was a fine young woman."

"Indeed," Nara answered warily. "Very fine."

"Your voice is...bittered," her brother said, turning his eyes upon her as his brow formed into a frown. "What do you not like about Raena?" 

"There is nothing that I dislike about her," she said, avoiding his eyes. "I dislike the way you treat her, the way you look at her."

Alezander halted, forcing her to look directly at him. He crossed his arms, appearing annoyed, "What? I was perfectly kind to her. I cannot be kind to a woman?"

"No, you were more then kind. You were extraordinarily pleasing, you were flirtacious," she herself felt irritated with him. "You yourself stated you might as well be a married man now! You are marrying another woman in no time at all; you cannot act in such a fashion."

"Years, Nara! I cannot feel? I cannot have..something of freedom? You are being completely ridiculous."

"Less then two years! And you are to meet her in months, on her next birthday, and this time I will guarentee you shall not miss it," Nara narrowed her eyes. "Simply because you are to be married in years, it gives you no excuse." She shoved her finger to his chest, "I will keep an eye on you, and you better be wary wth those feelings of yours." 

With that she marched off, steaming. Something about him set her off sometimes, especially at this time. Even though it was just a few things he said or did, or how he sounded or appeared to her, she could see how it end, and end badly. He was being completely ridiculous. 

The End

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