Chapter 18

Alezander let his eyes wander around the room, going from face to face, person to person. He tried to amuse himself by guessing what their conversations were about by their change in expression, only to continually find himself more bored at his surroundings.

He paused for a moment, coming across a curious, unfamiliar face. He slightly leaned over, so that he could murmur into his sister's ear without being heard. "Nara, have we seen her before?" Alezander whispered, gesturing slightly across the room to where the woman in all her breathtaking lovilness stood, a regal pillar with her statuesque form, many eyes turned upon her as she spoke or acted, moved or smiled.

"Who?" Nara strained her eyes, trying desperately to see through the mass of faces.

"Are you alright, Nara?" inquired Alezander.

She brushed his question away, "Yes, I am perfectly well, Alezander. Point her out for wait, do you dare not. I do not want anyone seeing you pointing anyone out."

"She wears a gown of mourning, constrasting against her pale complexion yet complimenting her long, darkened hair," he explained to her. "I believe I have never seen her before. If I have, I fail to remember. Yet she appears like one that I would remember..."

"Oh, that is the Lady Raena. I met with her personally yesterday, poor girl," replied Nara in an undertone. 

"What is wrong with her?" wondered the Prince aloud.

Nara sighed, adjusting her hands, smoothing her skirt, "She is a widower; still so young. She must be just above her twentieth year. I heard that all the men wanted to marry her, but she waited for the longest time, whether for love or it was her parents waiting for the perfect match. When she finally did marry, her husband died in a horse-riding accident not a year aftering their wedding."  

Alezander was silent, his eyes watching the mysterious lady. There was something incredibly solemn and grave about her, which made her all the more beautiful. Her dark dressings only complimented her dark, almost feline-like, eyes, long thick lashes which she blinked so slowly.

"I must meet her--you must introduce me to her, Nara,"

She frowned, looking also at Lady Raena. "Of course. You must meet her eventually." 

The End

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