Chapter 14


“Before the conclusion of this ball, I would ask for an announcement…for something of a presentation to be made, on behalf on my country Navarn and in honor of Her Majesty, Princess Cassandra. Although it is not yet her own birthday, it is a prime opportune while all are present,” called the Ambassador Jermayn above much noise, bringing some of the chatter to a silence so that all eyes could be turned upon him who stood before both the great expansive audience and where the Aedryn royal family had seated themselves. "If the Princess Marie Diana and King Howard allow for it, of course."

“It is granted, Ambassador,” nodded the King, his deep voice resounding across the room even without much force.

At that moment, the wide, heavy doors burst open, turning everyone’s attention toward that end of the room. Immediately, a path was cleared down the center the Great Hall, all ears and eyes alert to the ruckus of voices and the clatter like pots and pans against one another. From the slight mess of people, Sir Gideon stepped forward.

“As the cousin of the Crown Prince, Alezander II, I present, for the Princess Cassandra, a gift.” He announced all around, though his gaze steadily remained for the most part upon the Princess. She sat in her seat, attempting to hide her anticipation and curiosity.

Sir Giddeon moved even father forward, making room for a group of men handling the beautiful grey filly across the marble floor. The crowd gasped, the clap of the horses shoes against the Great Hall echoing loud and thunderous. The spirited mare held her head high, her ears jerked forwards, her eyes wild and rimmed in white as they flicked at every moment in the strange, foreign room which must have seemed so frightening filled with the persons and décor. “May I show you Nakatara, Your Highness, a filly from the Royal Stable of Navarn’s greatest mare, and her strongest, most loyal warhorse, that under my Prince’s ownership. By far, she among the best bred animal that I myself have ever seen, made even greater by her stunning color. His Majesty, Prince Alezander the Second, sends his best wishes, hopes for your enjoyment of this day and your pleasure at this gift, and begs your forgiveness, feeling his most sorrowful regrets, at not being in attendance.”

Everyone began to cheer loudly, making Nakatara jar her head further up, dancing around all her grooms who struggled to keep a hold on her.

They quieted as Cassandra stood from her throne, descending the stairs to stroll to where the mare stood, looking at her with excited eyes and flaring nostrils. Many of the grooms bowed and nodded in respect, murmuring pleasantries as she passed to reach the mare. “Hello, Nakatara,” muttered Cassandra, offering her hand for the mare to sniff at. Her petite, velvet muzzle brushed over her palm, her warm breath moving over her skin.

She then moved her fingers gently over her face, stroking slowly the bridge of her nose. There was something….mystical about the horse. Smiling slightly to herself, the Princess turned slightly from the horse to face Sir Gideon, who seemed to be watching intently. “Give your Prince my thanks--I love her very much. She is spectacular,” said Cassandra quietly. She moved toward the grooms, nodding her head, “Thank you; I am sure she would like to settle in a warm stall. You may go.”

The End

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