Chapter 13


This chapter, and any other mentioning Prince Hadderi of Abedar, is under edit. My plans have somewhat changed, and the importance placed on this particular character has become, what I believe, a little random and unnecessary. I would still love you to read this version and offer your opinions and suggestions. The newer version should be be added in the following days. Thank you. :)



A great knock sounded on the grand door at the head of the hall. The music and dancing ceased abruptly, all eyes turning curiously towards the noise as it radiated throughout the room and echoed off the ceiling.

A single guard slipped through the door, standing before the many wondering faces. He cleared his throat, starting halfways hesistantly, "His...Excellence....Prince Haderri of Abedar gives his most sincere apologies for interrupting your celebration, and asked for....your permission to be allowed inside, for he has come far, and bears gifts for Her Majesty."

Murmuring rippled through the crowds, heads turning as they awaited their King's reply as he stood. The Queen and others of the royal family too waited in the moment. It was hard for Marie to contain her excitement and anticipation.

"Allow him in," he answered with a waving hand. Silence fell over the party-guests, gazing towards the door as one person tried looking over another to get the best view. Abedar? It seemed on the other side of the world, a land of mystery which many Aedryn people had only heard of. Cassandra sat on the edge of her chair--many of the subjects she had read and learned of Abedar and its region were like unusual fairytales.

At King Howard's command, the doors swung inwards and the Prince made his entrance.

From her place, he was a tall, striking figure, lean and well-made. He walked smooth, so trained he appeared to glide over the floor. He wore shimmering silken garb unseen in courts of the nearest country, the strangest of style.  They hung loose and swayed, imperial robes complimenting his impressive frame. His skin glimmered in the golden candlelight, a warm, tanned color which complented his sharp cat-eyes which easily absorbed all around. He almost didn't appear human, like some sleek animal with his incredible physic.

As he came before the set of thrones, he knelt on his knee in what appeared to be a heroic pose. "Your Excellencies," he bowed his head, his voice accented. "Excuse my inability to notify you in proper timing of my appearance. My father requested that I introduce myself and represent my nation, and too present gifts in your magnificent Princess' honor."

"Prince Hadderi," King Howard beckoned to him. "Please stand."

He responded by obeying the order, slowly rising to his feet. The golden crown resting on his dark head of hair appeared to glint like rays of sun as he shifted.

"You have come from far," the King continued, the eyes of the room before him. "It is a tedious journey, I understand."

"It was, King," Prince Hadderi nodded. He flicked his eyes over Marie slyly, "But it is already well worth the journey."


The Prince Hadderi was stationed at the behind of the Princess' throne, placed at her side, bending to murmur in her own ear for only her hearing. She blushed and smiled, a beautiful spectacle framed with her golden locks and the trimmings of her matching gown, and each action was on the display for all of the attendees of her party to see.

He called before them his many gifts brought from his home. It was a great sort of entertainment, unusual gifts, a presentation from his country. Exotic dancers, men and women in scant clothing, decked in jewelry and jingling rings, twisting their bodies to music playing from instruments like Cassandra had never seen before. Some juggled flames, hurling them high into the air, others sang in enchanting tunes that sent shivers down her spine, like the words were filled with magic. Hoardes of the finest necklaces, rolls of the finest silks, came carried in large trunks mounted to the backs of servants. It was an excellent amusement to all, a festival if there had ever been one.

Prince Hadderi personally took a piece of jewelry, encrusted with the brightest of rubies, and hung it about Marie Diana's neck. Everyone witnessed that they only had eyes for one another.


The End

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