Chapter 12

Sir Giddeon looked down to her with an ever -observing gaze, searching the expression of her bold face and her sweet, curious eyes. Still so young and sheltered, there was a pure radiating beauty that was undeniable.

The Princess could not help but admire this Duke openly. She estimated his age to be in his middle twenties, perhaps ten years older then herself. His air was regal and mature, his appearance grown into itself. He was incredibly striking, with sharp, dark eyes that smiled warmly when the light hit them just proper. Never had she quite been so drawn by a man. Perhaps it was because he seemed so kind and open, attentive and so easy to be around.

As they danced, hands entwined, he conversed lightly, twirling her around about him in the most graceful manner. He made her laugh and giggle, smile and color like that of a dawn's gentle sunrise. He found her quite charming as well, her company to his liking; her mind clever, answers made to amuse and please him.

She found herself quite distracted from all else, so entertained. The Duke was surprised with the manner of the girl before him, any tightness or reserve dimished, yet her years of training and sharp intelligence still shown true in every polite word, every graceful movement.

Cassandra was thrown as she accidently stepped onto Sir Giddeon's foot, making both him and her stumble slightly and bump a neighboring couple. A few wondering eyes that had been watching them intensified, a number of others turning to look and murmur. The Princess did her best to ignore them, attempting to swallow the heat that rushed to her face. "I-I am so sorry, Sir," she hurriedly apologized. "I was not paying attention to where I stepped."

"It is very alright, Your Highness," smiled Giddeon, an expression he wore very handsomely. The music ended and the two briefly bowed to one another. "It is my honor to have shared a dance with you, Princess. I hope we meet again in the coming days."

The End

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