Chapter 10

As was custom, the royal family was to be seated in their thrones at the head of the room early of the guests so that as they entered, their eyes would come directly to them, undoubtedly the figures of most importance. Yet Marie Diana was not there; she would arrive later, as was also custom, and make a bravado entrance as the supreme star of the day.

Cassandra shifted in her hardened seat, arranging her skirt just before the guests were to be announced. Beside her was the empty throne of Marie, who would join them later. At the head of this whole scene, made to perfection to honor Aedryn's most beloved Princess, sat their great King. Not much did she know her father, as she only saw him in small bits all throughout her life, but there was a certain air of impressiveness to him, with a mane of golden hair like that of Marie Diana. Garbed in his rich dress, the great golden crown upon his brow, seated himself upon his equally impressive throne, he was one who made her feel small and almost wish to shrink away. When he yelled out he could be more then frightening.

Beside him was the queen and her mother, appearing so delicate and pretty, and still so young next to the King’s eldest daughter Aedrianna, who had her husband standing just behind her. Then came Heira, her betrothed Duke Emmit similarly stationed at the behind of the her throne; and Lara, who mainly avoided her youngest sibling in favor for her true, full sisters.

As the guest began lining in and slowly filling the room, scores of names being called out, Cassandra spotted the Ambassador Jermayn, who smiled and nodded as she met his gaze. She colored further as she realized the man who she had seen from her window, or rather, the man who had seen her, was standing just beside him, staring at her with something of awe, she supposed. Heat rose higher to her cheeks as she thought to herself that he was even better looking in person.

The End

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