Chapter 24



Alezander was not in the best of moods come nighttime - his head elsewhere as he headed the room at the side of his family. All but Nara were present, Daniel doing his best to pretend his older brother invisible.

The court below was in a murmur of excitement. With Nara missing and the first look at their future queen ahead of them, they were restless. Cassandra was going to have hecitc days ahead of her.

He scanned the room, faces of importance looking eagerly from him to the door. One caught him in particular. A man with dark hair and dark eyes, features all familiar to him, stared at him from the crowd. Even as the two men met eye-to-eye, the nameless face continued glaring at the Prince above. A snarl curled his lip. There was a smoldering flame in his expression that unnerved Alezander.


Who was he? Surely there was something in the man that struck a memory.


He could ponder no longer. With a flourishing announcement, the doors opposite him burst open. Countless heads turned to face the dark figure gowned in stars. She glittered valiantly against the gold radiance of the grand hall that was her sky. She was the sun which all revolved around, each breath watched by the unblinking mass that drank in her every ray.


The End

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