Chapter 23


Cassandra took the first few moments of her own to explore her Navarian chambers. It was certainly an exquisite room. The palace here had many stylistic differences from that of her Aedryn home, and so her own room was similarly different from what she was accustomed. Each window was tall and narrow, pointed like a menacing tooth at the top; every pane a tile of a mosaic. They were pictures, formations of shapes creating a portrait colored by the outside world.

A small parlor made for a fitting entrance, a curious painting of an unfamiliar woman heading the room. And yet, she had a familiar beauty of the Navarian royals. Perhaps she was the Queen, or once was in some earlier time. The graceful woman gazed expectantly down at young Cassandra. She shivered. It was as if the woman wanted something from her.

The parlor, good for entertaining, made way into a more private area - a bedroom with a little seating arrangement of its own. If anything, the chambers were a bit barren, and the underdecorated state of the room made her feel as a guest come to visit rather than a member of this new home. She supposed that may change with time.

But there was a little flavor of her old home in these new quarters - already many of her things had been unloaded and arranged in their respective places. A boquet of blue flowers sat fresh on a table. She approached them, taking their gentle petals in her fingers. They were the flowers from her earlier portrait ... walking with Giddeon in the garden, chatting laughingly as the painter worked.

She recoiled from the memories and turned to sit on her bed. She wondered whether to undress and rest, as the King had suggested, before readying for the important night ahead. But she couldn't help thinking that Prince Alezander may come by for a visit. Even if she was tired from not sleeping thoroughly enough the previous night, she was not quite exhausted enough to slumber in full daylight. Her nerves were enough to keep her awake. And in this strange new setting she felt herself lonely, thinking a private visit from her husband-to-be favorable.

As much as she would have liked such a guest, her common sense predicted correctly. He did not come by. He would allow her time to settle as was appropriate and meet her again in the ballroom. Soon her mind turned to sleep, but it was only then the time came for the evening's early preparation.


The End

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