Chapter 19



"My Lady," Cassandra murmured as she struggled to keep apace with her brisk governess. "Is this ... the usual?"

"What do you mean?"

The Princess looked about the souless halls, filled only by this small procession of her new, Navarian entourage. She leaned in closer,"Is it always so empty as this?"

"There is extraordinary caution being taken with you, Princess. The King would rather your first introduction to the royal family go undisturbed by the court and its bustle. He would prefer the family to see you free of such publicity before the 'formal introduction' this evening. Take solace in the quiet, my dear. Tonight will start the beginning of your ceasless social calendar. You will barely have time to sleep.

"No more questions, Princess. I will explain further in another circumstance. For now, I would suggest preparing yourself for the people awaiting you in the throne room," said Lady Edwina sternly. "Remeber all of what I taught you. You know well enough the Navarian custom - I have imprinted it in your every manner through your every lesson. Be yourself ... just ... don't mess up."

Cassandra laughed ruefully, her governess' words only serving to heighten her already piqued nerves.

"Thank you, Governess. I will try remembering such advice before I fall on my face. Surely that will help me not to trip on my gown."

"Sshh, Cassandra," hissed Lady Edwina. "Here we are."



The End

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