Chapter 9

Raena breathed cool night air to ease her throbbing heart.  Her fingers desperatly clung to the stones, her toes curling around the narrow edge, as if her heart was pulling her one way and her body was resisting. Though her eyes were blurred by a fog of tears, she kept her gaze steadily focussed to the darkened horizon ahead of her, the grey breeze calling her, drawing her away.

Her foot trembled, nearly sliding from her precarious perch. Her heart jumped in one lurch and her eyes fell to the ground below her, the steep fall. She was shaking violently now, breathing heavily, suddenly afraid. Trying to calm herself, she turned her face toward the starless sky, closing her eyes.

What am I doing? What am I thinking? Have I gone mad? Reason began to return to her mind. That night was amoung the worst; her fears confirmed, her passions high, misery swallowing her as she doubted her ability to go on. How could she go on? She could no longer keep herself in the dark, remain in denial, and thus she had come to her current situation, desperate for freedom from...everything, the solace of a release.  

How can I even attempt such a thing? Raena thought, her hand involuntarily moving to the forming lump on her stomach, small, barely noticable, but there, nonetheless.

How would she go on? Her heart was broken, crushed by the two men who had gotten close to her in life. She would be alone, dejected - shunned from all society.

What has compelled me to come here? Am I truly that miserable? Have I really been pressed to this point? She swallowed, tears spilling over and sliding down her cheeks. She couldn't throw herself from the edge. She couldn't. Shivering in a chilly breath of wind, Raena looked to the open window, sliding carefully in the direction of the shimmering curtains, dancing in the gentle gusts like strange specters.

The sill crumbled under her foot, her ankle twisted - she grasped for the security of the wall but her fingers only clawed through air. She was met with the horrible sensation of falling....falling into darkness...


The End

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