Chapter 1

Cassandra gazed absent-mindedly into the mirror, staring aimlessly into her own expression. So much had happened thus far in her life, and she was nearly a woman, a Queen.

It would not be long before she left her home, and her childhood, for Navarn and her womanhood - the opening to the rest of her life. When it came down to it, each day was the first of the rest of her life, but soon that certain momentous one would come in only a few days ahead, opening for her a path unknown to her. In her past years, such a thought frightened her. It was such a similar fright that some had of death and the uncertainty that lay behind the darkness. By now, she had come to accept her destiny - just as death was a certainty in life, such was this step in her life.

For so long she had lived in this chamber, looked over the same garden each morning, slumbered in the same bed each night. Everything was going to change.

Who was she? Cassandra had looked into the mirror so many times and wondered if she was a person or just a piece in an ever shifting plan. What was she supposed to do, and how was she supposed to feel, if anything?

It was not as if she loathed the thought of marrying Alezander. At the thought of him, she couldn't help tasting the soft kiss he gave her before his departure. Was she in love with him? She was unsure. Her heart was still scarred over the thought of Sir Giddeon, who she had foolishly fallen head-over-heels for. And still, much of her future husband was unknown to her.

Who was she? She was Princess of Aedryn, daughter of King Howard and Queen Elitha, future wife of Prince Alezander the Second and future Queen of Navarn.

She was just a title.

Blinking a tear from her eye, she shook herself and stood. She had much more important things to do than mope in front of a mirror.

The End

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