Her Path II

***The sequel to "Her Path"****
The Cassandra's path winds forwards, entwining itself with Destiny. Will she make her path? Or follow what Fate has in store for her?
It turns out Fate has more planned for her than anyone ever imagined, and she will find herself facing betrayal, death, war and vital choices that will change her, and everyone else's, course.




Alezander gazed from his books to the window and the dusky scene below, the fingers of darkened shadows spreading their way across the land and encompassing buildings and structures in a blanket of black obscurity. It appeared a whole different world compared to the warm golden glow which encircled the King’s office room, the toasted honey light contrasting sharply against the deep face of gloom.

Though he could not see the carriage, hear the rattle of its wheels or the clop of the horses feet upon the well-beaten road, she was coming.

“Why her?”

“Hum?” the King leaned back in his chair, looking down his nose at his son, who then turned his far-away eyes to him.

“Why her? She had four other sisters, and there are plenty of others. And why so immediately, after she was born? What was the hurry?” continued Alezander. “I never understood, and you have never explained.”

King Alezander sighed, setting aside his feathered quill. “It is your duty for the nation, for the advancement of Navarn.”

“Yes, but how?” prodded the Prince, half frustrated. “Why will she help to advance Navarn?”

The father almost appeared as frustrated as the son, shifting so that he was closer to the great desk before him and thus closer to his son. “Cassandra is the only child, a daughter, to Elitha, who is the only daughter of King Lander and of Gherion, at least after Elitha’s elder sister Cassandra died. Lander is aging, and has failed to have a son--only Elitha and her line, and thus Gherion’s royal line, in Cassandra, survives. Too Howard has not had a son, only daughters. Yet in you, I have a true heir.” King Alezander grinned, almost appearing satisfied. “Do you not understand? We have the upper hand. By your marriage to Cassandra, Navarn has the ability to connect the three nations, and thus the continent, under our banner. If Cassandra bears you a son, he will be the direct heir to all three thrones. Do you see now? Cassandra is the key to the Empire.”

Alezander remained thoughtful, silent and brooding. “But ... what if her four other sisters have sons? Would then Aedryn then have an heir?”

His father smirked, a coy, tight grin, “Don’t you worry, boy. It will all work out for Navarn, and finally we will have a secure peace between throughout the continent. It is the only way.”

The End

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