New Saturday

                                          Chapter  4 

                                       New Saturday

Wow school finished already. Haven't stop thinking about Robert for a while. His eyes...

Dad has work today, as a postman, like that is going to last! I decided to go out and look at our new town. I got dressed in a nice casual jeans and a T-shirt. I walked out and the sun was shining, it was a perfect day. I walked down to these trees, it look liked a forest, for some odd reason, I had to go down it. I took a step and went inside the dark entrance. The trees were all over each other, so no light was coming through. I kept walking, I suddenly stopped. I quickly turned around and there was no one there. I walked quicker, then I heard a sound of a tree falling, I turned around it was coming for me. I stood in horror and was frozen, I couldn't move. Then suddenly I got pushed, then it was darkness.

I woke up in a pile of leaves, I saw a face, it was...Robert. I was about to get sit up, but he told me not to. He kneeled beside me and told me what happened. The tree was old and I was just un-lucky to walk down there. He also told me, he was the one who pushed me to safety. I thanked him and we just talked for ages about school, he finally layed down.

He talked about once he did a prank on the headmaster with a bucket of honey and feathers. At then end, we laughed our heads off. Then we stopped and we looked at each other, he leaned over and kissed me, his lips were so perfect. Afterwards he stopped, he said sorry. I kissed him back, then smiled.

The End

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