Chapter 2

                                  New School Part 2

It was him again. God everytime I see him... Dad stopped and I got out of the car, everyone turned to me. I just kept walking, it's really weird everyone looking at me. Then suddenly the guy went infront of me and said "Hi", my dad went so I was with this guy, I don't even know his name. I just said Hi, he took me to my tutor room, it was his tutor and I had to sit with him, but he smiled when I sat next to him. I finally found out his name, well not by asking him but I'm next to him in all my lessons and I saw his book and his name. Robert. We had maths next, I hate maths, Robert was helping me, but I didnt say anything (once again) Everytime I looked at him, I was thinking god aren't you gorgeous. Then it was the end of the day, I started to walk home then dad drove up and I got in. I look back and Robert disappered again...

The End

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