New Life: School

                                             Chapter 2    

                                          New School    

Ok maybe today isn't going to be so good like yesterday, but I can go through with it. Looking at my room again, god I love it. Hmmm I can smell something  good downstaires...

I got downstaires finally and followed the smell from the kitchen. Dad was making eggs, but there was school clothes. Dad looked up at me and looked at the clothes, he  wanted me to go to school, we only just got here ! I grabbed the clothes and ran upstaires. I jumped on my bed and sat there. I looked at my new school clothes, they were better than my other uniform. I decided to put the new school uniform on, it wasn't that bad I looked quite sexy in it. It had a nice black skirt with a black blazar with a gorgeous tie and my shoes are lovely. I walked downstaires and dad was already there in a suit, he had a newspaper in his hand, looks like he is looking for a job.

Arrived at school, once again people just...staring again

The End

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