Her New Life

Lindsey Cadbury is 15 started a new school, a new life. Her parents have broken up and she feels alone.Until she meets this handsome young man called Robert, but when she finally has the courage to talk to him, hes not what he seems.

                                                   Chapter One

                                                  Her New Life


This is my new life, away from my friends, my mum and my home. Right now I'm in the car with dad, hes not saying anything, but I can tell hes annoyed. He drives down this dark, foggy road. I look around there are people same ages as me, jsut staring right into my eyes, just...staring.There was this guy, who looked dark, I turned around to check something and then he was gone...

We finally get out of the car and we look at our new house. Our new house... The so-called garden or junk yard as I call it, is filled with junk, bits of bike, cars, a sink here and there. The house outside the paint peeling off, the windows borded up and the door about to fall off. We went inside it stank of piss and there was writing everywhere, the only decent part was the toilet and there wasn't even one. 

We collected our boxes. All my stuff was just some clothes, photos and CDs. Dad said he is going to buy new things ; Bed, clothes, TV but it isn't going to happen, he first needs a new job. Right now he is in the so-called living room and looking through some photos of him and mum, poor depressed dad. I went upstaires, the staires was disgusting it had sick down over it, old sick.  I jumped mostly ever step and looked at the rooms, mostly ever room is clean (they probley wasn't fresh enough to get up here!) I could tell what room I was going to have, it was obvious.My dad made a sign saying "LINDSEY'S ROOM DO NOT TOUCH". I looked inside, I gasped. It was perfect. Black and pink room, black carpet, it even had little glow in the dark bats on the ceiling. It was PERFECT !! I put my box down on the bed, I wonder what's tomorroww going to be like...

The End

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