Her Name Is "My Beloved One"Mature

There is a stark contrast between how the world sees her...and how God sees her.

Her Name Is "My Beloved One"

You can see, by the way they all stare down their long noses at her, that she is the last person with whom they want to associate. They are well-bred and well-educated; she is homeless and dirty. To them, her name is "Nobody."

They're fancy churchgoers; she's a girl who lives on the streets, making her living by selling her body. It's the only way she's ever known. But they're self-righteous and refuse to see past her rough exterior. To them, her name is "Whore."

Everyone knows how she's been "taken advantage of." The way she was abused taints their opinions of her. To them, her name is "Damaged Goods."

She starves herself in hopes that maybe someday, somehow, she'll be tiny enough to fit into the clothes her boyfriend wants her to wear. People see her skinniness and wonder if she knows how foolish she's being. To them, her name is "Vain."

As soon as they see the deep scars on her arms, they assume things. They don't want to be around anyone who self-harms. To them, her name is "Hopeless."

She's weary, so weary of reaching for things that only end in her destruction...yet the only way to cope with who she's become is to yield to those hateful addictions. She cannot bear the monster she's allowed herself to be. To herself, her name is "Spent."

God sees her. God loves her. God knows her pain and cries out for her to hear Him. He does not judge; He sees her broken heart.

And to Him...her name is "My Beloved One."

The End

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