Chapter 3 (Welcome to Italy)Mature

It felt like days since I was kidnapped,druged and had absolutely no idea where the hell I was!

I knew I was unconscious for the most part because of the pounding headache that was trying to kill me. I reeked of my own sweat and the chains on my hands and feet weren't helping, neither was the blindfold that was placed over my eyes. I was hungry, tired and in much need of a long hot bath.

"Walk faster!" came an Italian voice as I was being pushed down what I figured was stairs. Couldn't he be a little sympathetic? I was already in chains and I could not see where I was being pushed into! My hands ached,my body ached,my stomach ached and the tape over my mouth was useless because all that exited my mouth was muffled cries.

I didn't know where the fu*k I was! I didn't know how long I would be here, I didn't even know what time it was!


Suddenly the chains on my hands were yanked backwards and so was my body,I gritted my teeth at the pain. I stood on weak legs as the shuffling of keys were heard then the clicking of a doorknob.


I stood frozen in place as the creaking of the door was heard before strong hands grabbed my biceps and pulled me in. I was then thrown on a mattress that was on what I thought was a bunk bed.


My feet were freed first then my hands as the guy stood over me. The tape was pulled off of my mouth which resulted in a scream from me."Shut the fu*k up bitch!"he snaps.

Okay then,I shut my mouth as the blindfold was pulled off. I squinted my eyes as they adjusted to the dim light that shown. Although I couldn't see his face due to his hoodie,I did see his tanned arms.. He was covered in tattoos. He glared at me as he took his knife out of his black hoodie. I gulped as he came closer to me. Was he going to kill me here? I'd rather him throw me down the stairs to be honest.

"I don't like you, I wouldn't hesitate to kill you. Do as your told and follow instructions." he said.

Instructions? What instructions? I'll worry about that later all I wanted in that moment was for this guy to leave me alone. I nodded.

Was anyone looking for me? Did my mom know that I was kidnapped? Did she have anything to do with it?

"Welcome to Italy." he said as he walked towards the door. 

"W-who are you?" I croaked out.

He turned.

"I'm your worst nightmare!" he said as he disappeared through the door.

The End

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