Chapter 3 (Mr. Cruz)Mature

"So where are you from miss?" he asked after twenty minutes of driving.

I blinked as the cool night breeze engulfed me in a hug,I then pressed a button on the expensive Mercedes Benz that he drove. Was this car even in this 2009 generation???

"I'm from New York,Seattle to be exact." I answered. "Where are you from Mr.Cruz?" I asked with formality as he did. I mean its the least I could do in my situation anyway.

"I'm from a mental institution."he retorted over the soft playing radio. 

I nearly choke on my water. He was what?

I looked at him and he was wearing a smile on his face,like if it was the most natural thing to say. What the hell?

My breathing raised more than a few octaves as he reached into his pants pocket. I'm freaking out right now. What if he kills me and dump my body in the forest? 

" Calm down,I can practically hear your heartbeat from here. I'm kidding okay,I'm from Italy."he says as he chuckles.

I tried to get my breathing under control as he took his phone out. He typed something and then his phone was in it's original place,in his pocket.

"I almost had a heart attack!" I laughed. He smiles apologetically.

"So tell me about yourself Mr.Cruz." I said hesitantly.

"Its Marcello. You don't want to know me,no one does." he says quietly.

I was confused.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

Suddenly his car was surrounded by black cars as he slammed on the brakes. He got out of the car and barked orders at men that approached the passenger side and pulled the door open. I was blindsided by all the lights that I didn't see a guy that stabbed a needle in my arm.

The last thing I heard before was...

"Welcome to my world bitch." Marcello says.

The End

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