Chapter 2 (The Past)Mature

Aurora's POV

Missed me?

I stood in shock as the 44mm pistol stared me in the face. I was paralyzed,I couldn't move and I was damn sure that my heartbeat had gone up a few octaves. Did I miss him? Hell no! He was the reason I was running in the first place. The question still remains,how the f**k did he find me? 

It all started the day I was kidnapped,kidnapped by him.


"He's going to kill you,keep running!." her voice snaps as I ran through the freezing forest. To make matters worst,it was at night and I was all alone.

It went from being a dream to the devastating truth,it became reality. Instead of hearing the voices of my mother, I heard shouts,demands for me to stop running and the sounds of gunshots. The occasionally ringing of gunshot would result in unknown animals running for safety.

I was doomed,had I only listen to my instinct and not drive my mother's old Chevy that only had a little gas left I wouldn't have been in this situation. The stupid car broke down in the middle of nowhere. I was scared and I wanted to get back to my apartment and relax after an awful day at work.

I had dosed off after my cell died,but I knew that I was safe in the car after I secured the locks. I woke up to the sounds of pounding on the car window. Startled I started screaming for help.

"Hey hey,calm down. I saw your car at the side of the road,so I'm just checking on you."his smooth Italian voice say calmly.

I stared at him through the window. He was well built. I was cautious, I didn't know this guy. Yet he seemed harmless but who am I to judge a book by it's cover? " I'm fine,thanks Mr."I say as I looked around at my surrounding.

"Are you sure? I can give you a ride home if you'd like."he said.

I contemplated for a mminute. Should I go with him,a stranger? Should I stay in the car where it's completely safe or get a ride home? I didn't want to be in the car for the night. I sighed, here goes nothing.

I slowly opened the passenger door of the car,grabbed my purse and closed the door,looking at him for any form of suspiciousness. I cleared my throat.

He quickly opened the door of his Mercedes Benz for me and I smiled as a thank you.

" I'm not like other men,I'm different so don't be scared. "he said as he got in the car. I looked at him,he seemed no older than 25.

" What's your name?" I asked.

" Marcello Cruz."and with that he drove off.

The End

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