Chapter 1Mature

Her eyes were wide with enthusiasm,anxiety and a million other emotions that others would kill to understand why. It all faded as soon as Marcello walked through the double doors. "Hello my sweet Aurora!"he greeted with a smirk.

"Are you sure about this?"she asked shakily. " Yes Avery, I'm as sure as my mother when she got married without telling me,now keep digging!" I snapped as I kept telling myself that everything was okay.

I felt her eyes on me as I dug my hands into the cool evening soil. I sighed,we had been digging for three hours and yet we couldn't find it!

"I don't think its here Aurora, maybe someone came back and moved i-."

"No! I'm the only one that knows where the keys are!" I shouted,frustrated. She signed and stood. I looked at her.

"C'mon Aurora it's like;three in the morning. Let's go back and we'll come back at sunrise." She said as she helped me up.

"You're not going anywhere." a male voice said. 

We froze. I'd recognise that voice anywhere because he was always around. He was like a parasite,he was always there. But how did he find me if I only arrived in Italy five hours ago?

I felt Avery's hand tightens around mine as she stared wide-eyes at the figure. I took calming breaths before I spun on my heels. I planted a fake-ass smile on my face.

My smile was immediately wiped clean off my face when I saw him. He was holding a gun to my head as his cold eyes met my scared ones.

"Missed me?"

The End

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