Her Loves Dark Secret

This story is about a teenage girl named Grace, who falls deeply in love for the first time in her life with a guy (Dan) who has a dark secret and haunting past. At first Dan tries to stay away from her but in the end he gives in to his true feelings.
This could cost Grace her life as his dark secret is revealed to her, someone (Blake) seeking his vengeance against Dan comes out of the wood work and targets Grace...
Will Dan be able to save her from his past and keep control of himself all at

                                                 Chapter One


“Grace Wood are you ever going to get up? You don’t want to be late on your first day”, my mum called up the stairs.

I turned over and squinted at the clock. Eight AM, great, time to get up. I climbed out of bed and walked to the long mirror. Today was a big day for me, the sooner it was over the better. I was never one to miss school when I was a kid but today was my first day at college and I was so nervous I just wanted to crawl back into bed and sleep.

My slender body shivered with the cold as it was always cold in my house. In fact it was either cold, cloudy or raining here in Inverness, Scotland. I hadn’t always lived in Scotland. When I was 11 my dad died. So after I’d finished junior school, just before starting high school my mum and I moved to a little village about 15-20 minutes drive away from the town of Inverness to be closer to my Gran and Aunt Louise. My brown curly hair was all tatty, my brown eyes were red and saw from lack of sleep, my normal pink lips were turning a light shade of purple and my pale arms where covered in goose bums.  

I’d turned seventeen four weeks ago and past my driving test in three. I walked to my wardrobe and got out a white shirt, black V-neck jumper and my dark blue jeans. I got ready, brushed my hair and decided to clip it up.

“Bye Grace, have a good day hone” my mum, Marie shouted just before the door slammed. I packed my bag and went down stairs.

“Were the hell are my keys?” I said aloud to myself. Then as I passed the kitchen table, Marie had left me a note saying “Your keys are on the sideboard”. Marie knew me so well, I would forget my head if it wasn’t attached to my shoulders. I laughed at this thought as Marie had said this to me many times.


I got my keys and headed out to my car. It wasn’t the flash sports car I had wished for but as Marie had told me “It will get you from A to B”. It was a bright blue Nissan Micra, second hand of course but the last owner had given it a paint job just before selling it. To calm my nerves I turned the music up loud as I drove to college. The forest of Craig Phadrig to my right looked so beautiful this morning even though I would soon be driving under a cloudy sky.

 I think that, that was one of the best things about this little village that I had moved to (which name I could not pronounce let alone spell) was the forest. It was full of conifers, larch and giant redwoods which interspersed with ancient Caledonian pinewoods.

It would look spooky whenever there was a storm however on the mornings when I would wake very early, sometimes you would be able to see the early morning rays of sunlight that broke through the branches of the trees and warmed one side of the bark, making a contrast of light and dark browns on the trunks of the trees. Thinking of this reminded me of those times I went on walks when I was nine and ten years old with my dad through that same forest, when we would all come and stay with my Gran on holidays.


As I pulled up into the college car park I saw my old group of high school friends waiting for me. Sarah Mills was one of my best friends, ever since I could remember. I had met her one year when I went to stay with my Gran in the summer holidays and became best friends with her straight away.

 I loved her light brown hair because it never went frizzy in the rain. She stood about my height at 5’2. Lucy Holden was standing next to Sarah. Her long blonde hair was blowing in the wind. Lucy was a little taller than me and Sarah, guessing I would say she was 5”4. Then there was Mark Robson, with his short black hair, tanned skin and stood about 5”9. Lastly I saw Matt Brown with his short brown hair, light skin and I was pretty sure he’d grown to 6”2 over the summer.

I got out the car and walked to meet them.

“Hey Grace” Sarah and Lucy said together.

“Hey Grace” Matt said as he hugged me. I knew Matt had a crush on me, that’s all Lucy and Sarah had been gossiping about to me all summer, trying to get me to date him even though I’d told them and made it clear in front of him that I had no feelings in that way for him at all. He was just a friend, I’d known him since I was little, again from staying with my Gran over many summer holidays, and that’s all we were ever going to be, just friends.

I think we should go sign in” I finished saying in Sarah’s direction.

“We already have but I’ll come with you if you like, we came early so we could get a look around so I know where some places are” she informed me.

We both said goodbye to everyone and I trailed behind her as she walked to the building facing the car park with a big blue sign across the top informing people that it was the reception. We walked up the steps and through the doors. Inside it was warm. To the left of me there was a wall with a window. It was open and there was a grey haired man standing looking through a stack of papers. The carpet was a royal blue colour, to the right of me there was a waiting area with five blue padded chairs lined up against the wall. I walked with Sarah to the window. “Name please” the grey haired mans horse voice asked.


“Grace Wood” I informed him.

“Just one moment please” he said looking faster now through the papers, “A ha found it! Please sign here Miss Wood saying that you accept the college’s code of conduct and here, to say you have received your time table and yearly diary”.

As I signed the places he had pointed to he walked away and came back with a, A5, thick black book.

He handed it to me and said “You must come here every morning to sign in and every evening at 3:30pm to sign out at the latest for the first few weeks”.

“Okay thank you” I said and then turned to walk out with Sarah already in front.


          Out side I opened the black book and read my time table. I had taken five subjects to study at A level: History, English Literature, Biology, Fine Art and PE (Physical Education). I had history first.

We walked to history quickly thinking we were late. The corridor of this block was starting to fill up. Sarah walked in front of me and stopped outside the class room. She pushed down on the handle and the door didn’t budge.

“The teacher isn’t here yet. ‘Must stick to the clock girls and boys because the teacher is never late’ remember that” she said imitating an old school teacher from our year ten class. I could tell she was imitating Mrs Baker because of the harsh nasal tone she had added to her voice. I couldn’t help but laugh at the perfect impression and I saw the boy that was standing in the queue on the opposite side of the corridor raise his eye brows as if he was saying ‘what a bunch of freaks’. Sarah noticed him to because he had snorted at her impression before we had looked at him. We just started laughing again.

After five minutes of waiting I was getting bored. Looked like all the teachers where late.

‘Probably in a meeting’ I thought.  I began to look at the see-thru glass door to the entrance. It had started to pour down out side. From so far down the corridor I could hear the choir starting to sing. At least the music teacher had turned up. It was slightly louder than the buzzing noise of the students chattering in the corridor. It was like I was in a trance. I was so bored waiting for the teacher that I had my eyes fixed on the glass door now. Just waiting for it to open and an adult to walk through, hoping it was the teacher so I could escape the noisy, cramped, corridor. 

Sarah was leaning against the wall examining her timetable. My eyes were still fixed on the entrance. I couldn’t hear the choir anymore. Instead just as the glass door opened a loud saxophone began to play from the same music room. It was like a scene from a movie then, mostly because my eyes where concentrating so hard on the door that they began to play everything in almost slow motion. No one else seemed to notice the three most beautiful people enter through the door except me.

The first young man I would have to call him (yes there were no immature, boy like features about his face) stopped a few feet away from the door. He shuck his head with what was like an almost grace about it and many beads of rain were scattered every where. Then he patted his jacket and more glittering beads were scattered in all directions. He was tall, about 6’3 and slender. He had almost snow white skin, thin cheek and jaw bones, dark chocolate brown eyes and black hair shaped in a bed head style which made him look like a rock star. He was wearing a black shirt and dark blue jeans. His arms where muscular under the black sleeves of the shirt but they weren’t huge like a heavy weight champion’s.

The black shirt complimented his skin colour as it made him more noticeable, even though someone this beautiful couldn’t possibly hide in a crowed even if they tried. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, until behind him in walked a young man and a young woman holding hands. They had the same beautiful cheek and  jaw bone structure and snow white like skin. This young man was slightly more muscular than the beautiful young man before him had been. He had light brown hair which was short and almost spiky and he had light brown eyes to match. The young woman holding his hand had long, copper coloured curly hair down to her waist and light brown eyes.


They began to follow the first and to my eyes most handsome of the two young men. I knew I was staring but I couldn’t stop. His face was amazing and as I thought about how good looking he was I felt my heart beat a little faster as he approached, through the crowd of chatting, almost unaware students. As he walked past me, he glanced at me. I looked at the floor quickly and then felt very stupid afterwards. His eyes were even more amazing close up. They had so many different shades of brown to them that they almost looked like they where liquid in some way.

He left his smell behind and it was so strong. I could only describe it by saying that it was such an amazing cologne that it made me want to almost follow him. Like my nose never wanted the smell to fade. All three of them walked past the door to my class room and went to stand against the opposite wall. Sarah elbowed me in the ribs then.

“What?” I asked rubbing my side.

“Talk about staring!” she giggled.

The End

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